Distance Reiki


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By creating a state of oneness, I am able to move beyond time and space, and in so doing carry out distant Reiki healing.

Distance Reiki treatments usually last around 15 minutes.

We will begin the session with a video call and we will have a feedback discussion afterwards.

It is recommended that you are relaxed in a calm environment. It can be nice to dim the lights and light a candle.

During the session, lie down comfortably with a blanket and pillow, listening to your music of your choice.

During the treatment you may feel very relaxed and may even drift in and out of consciousness or fall asleep.

You may feel heat or tingling; see coloured lights or feel like you are floating, or very heavy.

You may feel a bit emotional at times, or find your mind is racing, or that your mind is empty. You may find that some aches and pains come to the surface during the treatment. This is all perfectly normal.

It is important that you are open and surrender to the process. Don’t try to analyse it, just let it happen.

As with hands-on Reiki, treatments are more effective when carried out on a number of occasions as the effects of Reiki build up cumulatively or gather momentum over time.

If you are living with a physical and/or mental condition, please seek professional medical advice before booking your session.


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