About Me

I’m Mary, an artist and Reiki Master.

Looking back, I have always had an interest in spirituality and alternative therapies and the way people are.

I encountered Reiki for the first time in 2015 during a retreat when I experienced the depth of the energy which left some people feeling relaxed and others in floods of tears. I do not know exactly what prompted me to learn reiki in 2018 – the idea just presented itself. That is what people have since told me – that the time was right. The summer before I had experienced a profound breathwork session when I felt energy streaming from my palms and it was as if suddenly everything opened up and started to flow.

My Reiki journey has been amazing. I regularly work on clients, friends and family, but mostly on myself – something which is key to my life now. People mainly come to me via recommendations and recently I have increasingly worked with distance Reiki. I qualified as Reiki Master and teacher in August 2021 with Taggart King at Reiki Evolution and will soon be offering a course for people to self-heal – something that I am extremely passionate about.

Reiki is now a way of life for me, along with art, breathwork, meditation and yoga. I am continually exploring and reading – taking any opportunities to grow that come my way.  I am currently on a new journey of training as a conscious connected breathwork teacher and am looking forward to bringing this into my daily practice and offering it others. The more I listen to my intuition, the more things come easily.

I use these beautiful Reiki precepts daily to help bring me back to what it is to be.

Just for today

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be humble

Be honest (with yourself and others)

Be compassionate (towards yourself and others)