Mary has the most peaceful, compassionate and intuitive nature and every session I feel extremely looked after. I always have such a wonderful feeling after my treatment with her and I am so happy and grateful to have found her! Each session is completely different and I am learning so much about myself through this experience. I can't recommend Mary enough, she is highly experienced and intuitive and makes you feel calm and connected just talking to her.
When I first laid eyes on Mary's artwork, I was immediately drawn in and connected deeply with the energy. Her own energy at the time of creation is apparent in the final product, and I can feel it when I gaze into the depth of the work. I have some cards of hers and I bring them out just to feel the colours and the flow of the artwork, they bring me into the present moment like few things and allow me to connect deep within myself.
Christopher Lembke
I have mild cerebral palsy which gives me tight muscles on my right side. This affects my hip/sacroiliac joint and the muscles of my pelvic floor, as well as my hamstrings and quad muscles. The tightness and pain in my sacral area is relieved through Mary's Reiki and I find it incredibly soothing. It also helps me sleep better and feel more relaxed overall. Mary has a lovely calm manner and she works from the heart to put you at ease.”